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Midsummer Walk

7 pm

Ian Gibson led us on an excellent trip across the fields to Wickhamford, which afforded a rare opportunity to visit Wickhamford Mill, courtesy of John Poulter.  A past Chairman, Mike Lovatt, who is a keen molinologist and presides over the mill at Stanway, was also present to assist John in showing people the works.  We also stopped outside Badsey Mill and the Church of St John the Baptist where Ian explained some of the history to us.  On returning to Badsey, we adjourned to the home of Alan and Shirley Tutton who had kindly provided refreshments.

If you would like to know more about the history of Wickhamford Mill, see Tom Locke’s article.

Ian giving an introductory talk outside The Wheatsheaf.
Walking across the fields to Wickhamford.
At Wickhamford Mill (now known as Mill House Farm).
The millpond.
Inside the mill.
Ian thanks John for his hospitality.