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Acquisitions Policy

The Badsey Society’s aim is to acquire items (archival records, museum objects, books) relating to the villages of Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford, as well as certain items of local interest relating to the Vale of Evesham and surrounding area. Acquisition will be through transfer, donation, purchase and, in exceptional circumstances, loan.

All acquisitions will be by prior agreement. The Society reserves the right to refuse any item for the collection which does not adhere to this policy. All donations and loans will be confirmed in writing by either a deed of gift form or loan agreement as appropriate signed by both parties.

Material offered will be considered on its archival information value rather than its format or medium. The format of any acquired record (eg paper, photographic, audio-visual, electronic, etc) is bound only by the Society's professional duty of care, ie its responsibility to ensure adequate provision for conservation, documentation, storage and access. Full records of all acquisitions will be maintained.

The ultimate desire is to have a building within the parish of Badsey where all the archival records, museum items and books can be stored in one place, which would be open to Society members from time to time. Until that vision can be realised, the documents and items are stored in archive quality boxes which conform to the same standard as those in use at Worcestershire Record Office, and an online catalogue is made available by means of this website (which includes a photograph and description of each item and, in some cases, a PDF file of the whole document).