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About The Badsey Society

Putting the Past in Front of You

The Badsey Society was formed on 28th February 2002 when a group of like-minded people met in St James’ Church, Badsey, in order to discuss the formation of a Society. Tony Jerram was elected the first Chairman, Richard Phillips was the first Secretary, Terry Sparrow was the first Treasurer and Marion Allen, Will Dallimore, Maureen Spinks and Neil Thould made up the rest of the Committee. The following mission statement was agreed:

The objects and aims of the Society are to promote the understanding and study of the parish and village of Badsey (including Aldington) in Worcestershire, and its surrounding area, past and present. The history, archaeology, folklore, flora, fauna and geology of the area are possible areas of activity. The Society’s activities will include meetings, lectures, education and publication in print and electronic media.

Since then, the Society has gone from strength to strength with over 200 members. We have produced several books and DVDs. We have been successful in being awarded several grants to help us in our projects. We have gained two awards for our work: Worcestershire Community Pride Award in 2002 for the Badsey website; the Marsh Award for Community Archaeology in 2008 for our Enclosure Map project.

Recently, because of a sizeable minority of people from the neighbouring village of Wickhamford joining the Society, several of whom have become actively engaged in research work, we have broadened our scope to include Wickhamford. For nearly 400 years, the ecclesiastical benefices of Badsey (with Aldington) and Wickhamford were held in plurality. In 1996, a new Pastoral Scheme separated Badsey from Wickhamford (the latter then being linked with Broadway), but 400 years of shared history is not easily forgotten, thus it is appropriate to include Wickhamford in our study.

Here is the constitution of The Badsey Society, as amended at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on 23rd February 2010.

How to Join

Membership of the Society is open to anyone who supports its objects and aims. The annual subscription is £5 and is due on the first day of January each year.  Membership forms are available from the Treasurer or online. Data is held in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation); a copy of our privacy policy may be viewed here. Membership fees can be paid to the Treasurer or any committee member, or click here to pay online. 


A printed quarterly newsletter is produced by the Society and distributed locally to members in January, April, July and October. Out-of-town members receive the newsletter via Royal Mail, or electronically, if preferred. Copies of all previous newsletters are available here.


We have about four talks a year, an annual Midsummer walk, and put on exhibitions at events such as Badsey Flower Show and the Evesham Asparagus Festival. We have produced six books and three DVDs. Forthcoming events and reports of past events may be viewed here.


The Society has been involved in a number of projects for which we have received grants:


The Society has produced several books and DVDs, plus tea-towels. For a full description and details of how to order online, click here.

Archive and Museum

We have a large archive of items relating to Badsey, including maps, books, photos, deeds, etc. The physical archive is housed in a room at Badsey Remembrance Hall, whilst a virtual archive may be viewed here. The Society also holds a collection of agricultural and horticultural implements and tools. 

The Old Badsey Website

In 2000, nearly two years before The Badsey Society was founded, Richard Phillips, who had recently moved to the village, decided to start a village website. Working in conjunction with Maureen Spinks who had done much historical research, was soon up and running. A proud moment came in September 2002 when we entered the Worcestershire Community Pride competition and won first prize. The judges described the website as "an innovative project which may well provide a template for other communities hoping to embark on a similar scheme". Richard sadly died in October 2015 and website is now frozen, but visitors can continue to access the site. This website, more than anything else, can perhaps be viewed as Richard's memorial and legacy to the village.

Since 2000, website design has developed by leaps and bounds, so we are delighted that Richard’s son, Will Phillips, worked with us in 2016 to produce a brand-new website,, which takes advantage of the latest concepts in web design.