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Books - Local Interest: Worcestershire and surrounding counties

1921 Kelly's Directory of Worcestershire
A Children’s History of Worcestershire
"A Mingled Measure, Diaries 1953-1972" by James Lees-Milne
A Worcestershire Book
"Ancestral Voices & Prophesying Peace, Diaries 1942-1945" by James Lees-Milne
"Ancient as the Hills, Diaries, 1973-1974" by James Lees-Milne
Anglo-Saxon Worcester
"Another Self" by James Lees-Milne
"Another Self" by James Lees-Milne
Around Worcester: In Old Photographs
"Beneath a Waning Moon, Diaries 1985-1987 by James Lees-Milne
"Bishampton remembers those that served" by Peter Jesson & Charles Rigg
Broadway, Worcestershire. The Offical Guide
Cabbages and Committees
" Caves of Ice" & "Midway on the Waves", Diaries 1946-1949
"Ceaseless Turmoil" by James Lees-Milne
Churches of Worcestershire
Collection of Articles about James Lees-Milne
Companion into Worcestershire
"Deep Romantic Chasm, Diaries 1979-1981" by James Lees-Milne
Folk Tales of the West Midlands
"Fourteen Friends" by James Lees-Milne
"Future of Evesham & District" by C.H. Gardiner
Historic Worcestershire
"Holy Dread, Diaries 1982-1984" by James Lees-Milne
"James Lees-Milne, Diaries 1942-1954" abridged by Michael Bloch
"James Lees-Milne, Diaries 1971-1983" abridged by Michael Bloch
"James Lees-Milne, Diaries 1984-1997" abridged by Michael Bloch
"James Lees-Milne, The Life" by Michael Bloch
Other Days: Other Ways, being some Reminiscences of a long life, by G F Bomford of Atch Lench
Other Days: Other Ways, Part II, being some Reminiscences of the late G F Bomford (1837-1933) of Atch Lench
Pages From Worcestershire History
"People and Places, Country House Donors and the National Trust" by James Lees-Milne
Shakespeare’s Avon
Shakespeare’s Avon from Source to Severn
Some Notes on the Evesham Branch of the Washbourne Family - by E A B Barnard
Steam Trails, Cotswold & South Midlands
The Botany of Worcestershire
The Civil War in Worcestershire - by J W Willis Bund
The Civil War in Worcestershire - by Malcolm Atkin
The Cotswolds in Colour
The Cotswolds in Colour
"The Enigmatic Edwardian, The Life of Reginal 2nd Viscount Esher" by James Lees-Milne
The Land of Britain: Part 68 Worcestershire
"The Last Stuarts" by James Lees-Milne
The Lookers-out of Worcestershire
"The Milk of Paradise - Diaries, 1993-1997" by James Lees Milne
The Old Parish Churches of Worcestershire
The Place-Names of Worcestershire
The Severn Valley
"Through Wood and Dale, Diaries 1975-1978" by James Lees-Milne
Under the Oaks, The Historical Record of the Parish of Ebrington
Warwickshire Families
Wold without End
Worcestershire: A Shell Guide - by J Lees Milne
Worcestershire - by F T S Houghton
Worcestershire - Cambridge County Geographies
Worcestershire Place Names
Worcestershire Place Names
Worcestershire: The County Books Series - by L T C Rolt
Worcestershire: The Little Guides (3rd edition) - by F T S Houghton
Worcestershire’s Hidden Past