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Houses and Roads

This section relates to information on the roads and houses in Badsey and Aldington, and also in the neighbouring parish of Wickhamford (which was a part of the combined benefice until 1996).

The first three sections contain a compilation of information by The Badsey Society about the roads, houses and land in Badsey, Aldington and Wickhamford, extracted from a variety of sources, put into ring binders and used for people to browse through at exhibitions. For the road information, the enclosure map and schedules were used as a starting-point. The house histories have been compiled when people have come forward to loan their house deeds; extracts from the deeds, plus information from census returns, parish records, sales catalogues and maps, were used in the making of the histories.

The last three sections contain information about specific places in Badsey, Aldington or Wickhamford, eg press cuttings, photographs, etc.