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Events in Badsey

1912 - postcard of the opening of new Fountain, Badsey, by Mrs Eyres-Monsell, June 22nd 1912
1920s - Britain's Call Missionary Pageant, Evesham (copy of postcards)
1950s - Badsey and Evesham in the 1950s, DVD
1953 - Coronation Celebrations in Evesham and Badsey, DVD
1995 - A View of Badsey, video
2009 - Badsey Village Life (and Nearby) in 2009
2012 - Olympic Torch is carried through Wickhamford
Badsey 1995 - DVD copy of the video Part 1
Badsey Carnival
Badsey Carnival - 2016 DVD
Badsey Carnival - 2016 flyer
Badsey Carnival - 2016 poster
Badsey Carnival - 2017 flyer
Badsey Carnival - 2017 news article, Annual carnival a huge hit in village
Badsey Carnival - 2017 poster
Badsey Carnival - 2018 poster
Badsey Flower Show, 2012; Badsey Churchyard Celandines & the Regal Cinema restoration visit on DVD
"Brief Encounters of the Third Kind meet the Railway Children" Santa Specials- Leaflet 2017
DALLIMORE, Will & John - recording of the "One Show" on DVD
DAY OF VICTORY CELEBRATION - message from King George VI dated 8th June 1946
DVD - Badsey 1995 Part II
"Grand Auction" - Poster of 26th November 2018
Jubilee Celebration - 1897, Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
Jubilee Celebration - 2012, Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee
Jubilee Celebrations - 2002 Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee, Day the village pulled together, Badsey Funday
Millennium Celebration Weekend - Video of Badsey, Aldington, Bowers Hill & Blackminster Parishioners.
NEILL, Robin - featured in "Britain's Hidden Heritage" & the Flower Show on "My Tasty Travel" on DVD
News Article 2014 Jun - In brief " Talks on housing"
News Article 2014 Dec - "Match played for charity"
News Article 2015 October - "Well, Well, Well"
News article 2016 June - "Cash raised for veterans"
Newspaper Article 2018 January - "Plans for 13 homes"
Open Garden Day - 2016 leaflet
Photograph of the Badsey Sunday School outing 1928
"Researching Orchards & Local History" - Poster for the 17th February 2017
St. James's Churchyard, Badsey - recording of BBC "Gardeners World" Badsey and interview with Bob Brown on CD
Tea Towel (framed) depicting Badsey and Aldington produced for the Millennium celebrations, 2000
Tea Towel depicting Badsey and Aldington produced for the Millennium celebrations, 2000
Wartime in the Vale - 2011 leaflet
Wartime in the Vale - 2014 news article, WW2 in the Vale
Wartime in the Vale - 2015 news article, Wartime years revisited as cadets raise thousands
Wartime in the Vale - 2016 leaflet
Wartime in the Vale - 2016 news article, War weekend proves a huge hit
Wartime in the Vale - 2017 news article, Wartime in the Vale still flies high