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Parish Newsletters 2006-2007

In June 2006, a new A4 8-page village magazine, entitled The Badsey Bugle, was produced.  On the front page it said:

Your bigger, better newsletter … and it’s free!  Welcome to The Bugle, a new publication aimed at drawing the communities of Badsey and Aldington together.  The newsletter will be published on a monthly basis, with a break in August and January.  And best of all … it won’t cost you, the reader, a single penny!

Sadly, this was a short-lived venture and, after just five editions, The Badsey Bugle was no more.  For four months in the new year, it was replaced by a simple A5 leaflet, returning to the format of the previous years.  In the April 2007 newsletter, the Vicar, the Reverend Richard Court, said that a new style newsletter would be produced from May.