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Market Gardening Families in Badsey & Aldington at the time of the 1911 Census - Other Families, H


Individual information sheets about families (surnames beginning with H) who were market gardening in Badsey/Aldington at the beginning of the 20th century, derived from data extracted from census returns and parish records: Mary Ann Hale (c1841-1928), Ernest Hale (1884-1948), Alfred James (Frederick) Halford (1876-1944), Horace Albert Halford (1888-?), William Andrew Hancox (1868-1947), David John Harris (1870-1952), Frederick William Hatch (1876-1943), James Walter Hardiman (1855-1915), Thomas William Hardiman (1886-1979), Allan Heath (1877-1956), William Albert Haines (1892-1948), Charles Heath (1861-1940), Charles Hopkins (1861-1937), Francis Edward Hopkins (1884-1933), John Howells (1858-1919), William George Howells (1885-1964), Samuel Howells (1893-1977), George Henry Hutchings (1891-1952), Richard William Hutchings (1892-1973), James Huxley (1874-1949), Henry Huxley (1876-?), William Huxley (1881-?), Frederick George Huxley (1866-1943), Richard Hardiman Huxley (1892-1951), Albert Huxley (1895-1917), Richard Hardiman (c1867-1935).

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The Badsey Society
Badsey Society compilation of information from a variety of sources
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