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18th May 1868 – Sale of Thomas Sheaf’s land at Offenham

1868 Thomas Sheaf auctionThe Sheaf family owned land in Offenham in the 19th century.  Thomas Sheaf (1777-1850) was mentioned on the Offenham Tithe Apportionment; his land was then inherited by his son, Thomas Sheaf (1817-1865).  Thomas Sheaf’s estate of just under 300 acres was put up for auction on 18th May 1868:  Lot 1 was a ring-fence called “The Hill Farm”; other land was being sold separately in Lots 2-9.  The majority of this land is still in the parish of Offenham but Lot 2, south of the railway line, was land which, some 80 years later, transferred to Badsey:

  • LOT 2 – A Close of excellent arable land, with a small and productive orchard adjoining, containing together 4A 2R 23P.  This Lot is bounded by the Great Western Railway, which divides it from Lot 1, and by the Bretforton and Littleton Roads.

The Worcester Journal of 23rd May 1868 reveals that Lot 2 was sold to George Hunt for £330.