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1st July 1865 – Sale of Mary Collett’s estate at Badsey and Aldington

Freehold Messuage, Garden, Orchard and Closes of excellent arable or garden land at Badsey and Aldington in the Vale of Evesham, Worcestershire

To be sold by auction by Mr H W Smith

collett 1865
Auction notice in Berrow’s Worcester Journal, Saturday 1st July 1865.

On Monday, the 10th day of July 1865, at the Cross Keys Inn, Evesham, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, by order of the devisees in trust for sale of the late Mrs Mary Collett, widow, deceased, subject to conditions, and in the following or such other Lots and order as shall be declared at the time of sale:

  • LOT 1 – All that capital messuage or dwelling-house with the outbuildings, yard, garden and orchard adjoining thereto, situate in the village of Badsey in the county of Worcester, now in the several occupations of Mr Joseph Jones and Mrs Ingles.  This valuable lot fronts the street in Badsey and extends back to Badsey Brook, and comprises, with the sites of the buildings, about 2 acres of land.  The house is a modern well-built detached house containing a good cellar, two parlours, a sitting room, two kitchens and a Brewhouse, five good bedrooms and three attics.  There are also a pump and well, and good supply of water; convenient outbuildings, small barn and shed, etc.  The garden and orchard are well planted with fruit trees and the whole lot is very compact and commodious, forming a most desirable residence, in a delightful and healthy situation.  [This is the house known today as Malvern House, 36 High Street.]
  • LOT 2 – All those two valuable closes of arable land, called the Under Badsey Grounds, containing 21a 3r 38p or thereabouts, situate in the hamlet of Aldington, in the parish of Badsey, and now in the occupation of Mrs Ingles.  This land is of the highest quality, in a well-known gardening district, and adjoins the estates of Mr Darwin and Mr Lord which, with Badsey Brook and Badsey Lane, form the boundaries of the Lot.  Lying close to the Evesham Gardens, this excellent land can easily compete with the best of them for fertility, while it enjoys the advantage over the Evesham land of exemption from their local rates.  These closes are watered by Badsey Brook and have a belt of pasture against the side of the streams.  [This was bought by Captain John Pickup Lord.]
  • LOT 3 – All that close of arable land, called Abraham Wells Close, containing 4a 1r 24p or thereabouts, situate in or near Badsey Field, in the said parish of Badsey, and now in the occupation of Mrs Ingles.  This land is of a most superior quality and is bounded by the Christ Church Estates, of which Messrs Slatter are the lessees, and by the land of Joseph Jones.

The tenants of all the above Lots are under notice to quit at Michaelmas next.

The village of Badsey is within two miles of the town of Evesham, and of the Great Western and Midland Railway Stations thee, which afford carriage for the horticultural productions of the Vale to all parts of England.  The whole property now offered for sale is adapted for the most successful conduct of the gardening business, or will command a high rental for farming or gardening purposes.  It is all freehold and tithe-free.

To view the property apply to the tenants or to Messrs T Y Tovey and W Tovey of Church Lench.

Further particulars may be had of the auctioneer or of Messrs New, Prance & Garrard, Solicitors, Evesham.