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1996-2016 – United Benefice of Badsey with Aldington, Bretforton and Offenham

Until 1980, the ecclesiastical benefices of Wickhamford and Badsey (with Aldington) were held in plurality, ie the Vicar of Wickhamford was also the Vicar of Badsey, although they were separate appointments.  In 1980, the two benefices became one united benefice, but retaining their individual Parochial Church Councils and financial control.  To all intents and purposes, there was no change.

However, 16 years later, change did come when a new Pastoral Scheme, which came into effect on 1st July 1996, separated Badsey from Wickhamford (the latter then being linked with Broadway) and, at the same time, created an entirely new United Benefice of Badsey with Aldington, Offenham and Bretforton.  This came about during a period of a long inter-regnum.  The Reverend Peter Mitchell had retired as Vicar of Badsey and Vicar of Wickhamford on 31st January 1996 and it was not until 17th March 1997 that the Reverend Dr Adrian Hough was instituted a Vicar of the three parishes.

Two Vicars held office during this period.  On the resignation of the Reverend Richard Court, the benefice was extended to incorporate three more parishes.