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Christ Church Questionnaire, 1868

In July 1868 Christchurch sent a printed circular to Rev. Thomas Hunt asking about college livings, issued by the Senior Common room. The reply for Wickhamford included the following information:

1. Benefice

2. Area and Population: Area 1208 acres; population 132. Population compact; agricultural; moral condition stagnant and indifferent from sluggishness. Feeling to Church torpid - the poor are bad churchgoers. A cottage holds an evening service for Wesleyans.

3. The Church has some handsome monuments to the Sandys family. Holds 130. All seats free except 5 pews. Chancel kept in repair by the leasee of Christchurch and is in good repair. repairing east end of chancel there was much vandalism - the stone crown and arch of the east window was removed, the window decapitated and a beam laid across to receive a brick wall. Body of church in repair. Churchyard in disgraceful state. Body of church repaired by voluntary aid. One service on Sundays at 10.30 or 3 alternating with Badsey.

4. The Parsonage. None. A cottage could be converted for a bachelor.

5. Glebe. 10 acres arable and 2a. 1r. 5p. grass. Glebe buildings at Badsey are used.

6. Income. Gross £74. Land £6 10. Land in occupation £30. Houses £5. t.r.c. £33 17 6.

7. Outgoings. Land Tax £1 18 8. Rates £17 0 4 (Highway 4d and Poor 1s 11d.)

8. Schools. Combined with Badsey.