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1280 Lay Subsidy Roll

In 1893, Lay Subsidy Roll for the County of Worcester, c1280, was published.  It was edited for the Worcestershire Historical Society by J W Willis Bund and John Amphlett and is now available online.  It is believed to be the earliest extant record of a lay taxation of moveables for the county of Worcester.

As the editors state in their introduction, the title of the Roll is lost, so it is impossible to fix the date with absolute certainty.  But they came to the conclusion that the roll was almost certainly between 1268 and 1296 and probably between 1276 and 1282, based on the names of prominent people included in the lists.

Within the Hundred of Blakehurste (Blackenhurst), lists are given for Wike Waneford (Wickhamford) and Aldington.  Badsey does not feature, but one assumes that it must be included with Aldington given the number of names listed.

Lay subsidy Aldington 1Aldington (including Badsey)

  • Abbate de Evesham
  • Roberto Ywain
  • Willielmo Ywain
  • Adam le Mouner
  • Willielmo Maurich
  • Johanne de Wylardesleys
  • Galfrido Franceys
  • Ricardo de AstonLay Subsidy Aldington 2
  • Ricardo Mylsant
  • Johanne Osbern
  • Willielmo le Wyte
  • Johanne Gosselyn
  • Davit Morant
  • Thomas Seggeberue
  • Waltero Maurich
  • Johanne Morice
  • Thoma Blakeberd
  • Willielmo Morice
  • Ricardo Rond
  • Roberto Geffray
  • Johanne filio Roberti
  • Waltero Platun
  • Willielmo le Seneschal
  • Willielmo Motte
  • Ricardo le Noble
  • Alexandro de Ludeton
  • Hugone de Hamton
  • Johanne de la fortheye
  • Johanne Brychrich
  • Henrico le Mon
  • Willielmo Baseley
  • Willielmo Nich

Wike Waneford (Wickhamford)

  • Lay Subsidy Wickhamford 1Domino Abbate de Evesham
  • Johanne de Willereseye
  • Roberto de Poddeho
  • Willielmo Beneyt
  • Waltero le Hurt
  • Henrico de Segesburwe
  • Willielmo Hod
  • Matilda Heur
  • Willielmo Pleywel
  • Waltero Parsona
  • Johanne HykemonLay Subsidy Wickhamford 2
  • Waltero Streke
  • Roberto de Mikelton
  • Juliana Hykemones
  • Johanne ad portam
  • Moricio Andrewys



Listed under “Villata de Evesham” is “Willielmo de Baddeseye” paying 18d and in 'Homburne' (Honeybourne) “Thoma de Badesheye” is listed.

Maureen Spinks, May 2019