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1520s Lay Subsidy Roll

A book entitled Worcestershire Taxes in the 1520s:  the military survey and forced loans of 1522-3 and the lay subsidy of 1524-7 (available to view at The Hive in Worcester) is a useful guide to some family names 13 years before parish registers start.

The lay subsidy lists persons liable to tax, ie heads of households who had lands of at least 20 shillings, goods of at least 40 shillings or wages of at least 20 shillings. Live-in servants who were paid wages of at least 20 shillings were also included.  The spellings of the names are as given in the book but most of the modern equivalents can be recognised.

Lay Subsidies – Blackenhurst Hundred: Assessment 1525

Surname Forename Place Goods Wages Subsidy
PLATON Thomas Badsey £5   2s 6d
SQUYER Rychard Badsey £10   5s
LOUE Rychard Badsey 26s 8d   4d
BYRGE Rychard Badsey 40s   12d
PEGYN John the younger Badsey £4   2s
SMYTH Robert Badsey £15   7s 6d
PEGYN John the elder Badsey £7   3s 6d
GORGE Robert Badsey £3   18d
GORGE Wyllyam Badsey £4   2s
POLE John Badsey 40s   12d
WELLYS Thomas Badsey 40s   12d
SMYTH John Badsey £20   20s
BADSEY Robert Badsey £13   6s 6d
WYLLYS Thomas Badsey 20s   4d
YEVONS Wyllyam Badsey 20s   4d
PEGYN Robert Badsey 40s   12d
BADSEY Robert Badsey 40s   12d
MARCHOLDE Rychard Badsey   20s 4d
PERRETT Robert Badsey   20s 4d
LYGHTFYLDE Thomas Badsey   20s 4d
HARYNGTON Wyllyam Badsey 40s   12d
PEGYN John Aldington £18   9s
YERDELEY Rychard Aldington £7   3s 6d
PANTTER John Aldington 40s   12d
MYDYLTON Thomas Aldington £6   3s
BROKE John Aldington £6   3s
HOBSON Rychard Aldington   20s 4d

With thanks to Richard Cudd for transcribing these records, taken from Worcestershire Taxes in the 1520s, Worcestershire Historical Society New Series Vol. 19, 2003.

Maureen Spinks, May 2019