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Badsey Exchange 1930 Telephone Directory

The list is sorted in numerical order by phone number. If you wish to sort on name, address or business, simply click on the appropriate column heading.  See also an article about Ebenezer Bayliss, Badsey 65.

Phone number Name Address Business
Badsey 2 BYRD, J Aldington
Badsey 3 LITTLETON & BADSEY GROWERS Blackminster
Badsey 4 SEARS, Arthur Plas Gwyn Fruit and Vegetable Grower
Badsey 6 MUSTOE, E The Royal Oak Fruit Grower
Badsey 7 JONES, A Stone House Fruit Grower
Badsey 8 OLSSON, E A Claybrook Nursery Nurseryman
Badsey 9 EVANS, E Sands Lane
Badsey 11 SLADDEN, The Misses Seward House
Badsey 12 ALCOCK, A F Badsey Solicitor, Knowle Hill, Evesham
Badsey 13 ANDERSON, W J Malvern House
Badsey 14 HOLDING, J & Son Badsey Road
Badsey 15 LEES-MILNE, G Wickhamford Manor
Badsey 17 COCKERTON, V The Firs, Badsey
Badsey 18 HORSFIELD, H Knowle Hill
Badsey 19 STEWART, F & Sons Bretforton Road
Badsey 20 LEES-MILNE, M E (Mrs) South Littleton
Badsey 22 SMALL, H J Blackminster
Badsey 25 HUBBARD, R & Son Bretforton Road
Badsey 27 INGRAM, Hugh F The Bungalow
Badsey 28 WHEATLEY, H The Poplars
Badsey 29 BARNARD, J Badsey Fruit and Vegetable Grower
Badsey 32 CARTER, E Pitcher's Hill Farm, Wickhamford
Badsey 33 VALE FRUIT & PEDIGREE PIG FARM Blackminster
Badsey 34 BENT, J M Bowers Hill
Badsey 35 BINYON, C A (JP) Sandford Villa, Badsey
Badsey 37 JINKS, Brothers Farm House Market Gardeners
Badsey 40 BREWER, J & Sons Landgate House, Badsey Bakers
Badsey 42 KERR, A P Laburnam Villa
Badsey 43 ALLSEBROOK, W C (Rev) The Vicarage
Badsey 45 GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY CO Littleton and Badsey Station
Badsey 47 MARCH, C W Brewers Road Fruit Grower and Merchant
Badsey 48 KEEN, J & Son Synehurst
Badsey 49 BALLARD, A W Sunnyside
Badsey 50 JONES, Geoffrey & Son Badsey
Badsey 52 HARTWELL, E Brewers Road
Badsey 53 REED, W H & Son Hydene, Bretforton Road
Badsey 55 CARTER, Sidney Shire End, Pitcher's Hill, Wickhamford
Badsey 57 HALL, Charles Netherfields, Bretforton Road
Badsey 58 OLDACRE, C M The Farm, Wickhamford
Badsey 61 WHEATLEY, A H The Driffold, Broadway Road
Badsey 62 PHILLIPS, A & G The Nurseries, Bowers Hill
Badsey 63 BEAN, C T Offenham Road
Badsey 65 BAYLISS, Ebenezer Pitcher's Hill, Wickhamford