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The Role of the Worcestershire Historic Environment and Archaeology Service in the Badsey Inclosure Map Project

Creating a digital copy of the maps

From digital images of the Badsey (1812) and Aldington (1807) Inclosure maps, scanned as part of this project, every detail was traced from the maps on to a Geographical Information System (GIS). The map features were then labelled to indicate the type of feature (e.g. building, road or water) and then numbered in order to link the data from the accompanying documentation to the map.

Loading data from spreadsheets to an Access database

The Badsey Society had transcribed all the information about land ownership changes and road information from the original documentation (an unenviable task) in to Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets were then condensed and loaded on to a single Access database ready to be linked to the digital maps.

Linking data from database to digital maps

The information in the Access database was then linked to the maps using the numbers written on the map, where possible, or a numbering convention developed by the people producing the spreadsheets.

Making the digital maps available for use

The maps and linked information were then loaded on to the Internet, by the Worcestershire County Council GIS Team, (on to as part of the countywide Tithe and Inclosure Map Project. Freeware software from ESRI (ArcExplorer) was also provided on a CD with the digital maps to enable the files created in the GIS to be viewed without access to the Internet or the full GIS software (ArcView).

Training on how to use the digital maps

Training was provided for a few in the Badsey Society on how to use digital maps online and using ArcExplorer. Separate manuals were provided for both the website and ArcExplorer.

Helping to create the Badsey GIS website

A separate GIS website has been created by the Worcestershire County Council GIS Team. This site contains the extra layer created to link to more historical information from research done by the Badsey Society, covering only the parishes of Badsey and Aldington, using historical maps from Badsey, Aldington and Offenham. The information on the Badsey GIS is available through the Tithe and Inclosure website ( and the Badsey Society website ( - [NB - Please note that in 2016, this was replaced by our new website,; the links to the WCC website may be found on the "Badsey Street by Street" pages in the "Places" section].

Margaret Noke, November 2006