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Mela in India

Photo of Mela Brown Constable (fiancée of Cyril Sladden) taken in India about 1910.

Someone has written on the back of the photo:  "India in the time of the British Raj, about 1910.  Mela Brown Constable is seated, left of the photo.  Her father was a chaplain in the Indian Army.  The occasion seems to be a military social event at Dinapore in the province of Bihan.  She was born 31/12/1887 at Allahabad, 200 miles west of Dinapore in the Ganges Valley; no doubt her father moved about from time to time.  Neither of her parents is in the photo.”

We are grateful to Rosemary Richards (granddaughter of Mela) for providing us with a copy of this photo.