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Mourilyan Family in France

In the Sladden archive at Worcestershire Record Office there are a number of photos which are thought to be members of the Mourilyan family.  Sadly, there are no names on any of them but, as the photos were largely taken in French photographic studios, they are presumed to be Mourilyan family members (Eugénie Narcisse Mourilyan married Julius Sladden in 1877).  The Mourilyans lived in Paris from 1853.

The photographers were:  Subercaze, Maujean & Leopold Dubois, Penabert, Pierre Petit, Mel Berthaud, A Ken, I H Jersault, C L Leblanc.

Original document at Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service, reference 705:1037/9520/22/ii/7-10; 705:1037/9520/22/iii/1-10

© The Sladden family descendants and by kind permission of the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service