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Dilnot Sladden

Dilnot Sladden (1842-1906) was the elder brother of Julius Sladden.  He emigrated to New Zealand in about 1860, probably having got the taste for travel from his older brother, George, who travelled all over the world with the merchant navy.  Following marriage to Elizabeth Letitia Coster, Dilnot had 11 children.

In one of the photos, Dilnot is pictured with his brother, George Coleman Sladden (seated).

Dilnot never returned to England, but his sister, Charlotte Hayward, and niece, May Sladden, visited in 1906 and were present when he died.  May wrote to her father on 3rd September 1906 telling him about the death.

Photos of Dilnot Sladden by kind permission of his great-granddaughter, Patsy Miller (née Sladden).