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The Breconian 1909

The Breconian was the school magazine of Christ College, Brecon.  In Volume VII, No 7, published April 1909.  Cyril Sladden’s name is mentioned on five occasions and Arthur Sladden’s name once:

  • Page 188 – Congratulations offered to C E Sladden on gaining a place at Oxford.
  • Page 189 – C E Sladden played the part of Dr Pangloss in the Christmas theatrical, 1908, George Colman’s The Heir at Law.  Cyril’s performance was praised highly: “As we expected, the most finished performer was C. E. Sladden, whose representation of Dr. Pangloss compared most favourably with his previous impersonation of Lord Foppington. The learned doctor did much to keep the players together, and played no less skilfullywhen his salary was falling by degrees and becoming beautifully less than he had done under the tonic of hope bom of the financial overtures of the members of the Dowlas family. Whenever he was on the stage the acting rose to its highest pitch. His enunciation was as clear and precise as the diction ; and he ‘brought the house down ‘ again and again. We shall in the future miss him much in these performances as we shall in various other ways. We are sure that no boy has acted better within our recollection, and we hold a very strong opinion that no boy has acted quite as well.  Palmam ferat.”
  • Page 190 – A review of C E Sladden’s performance.
  • Page 192 – C E Sladden (Senior Prefect) present at the Old Breconians’ Annual Dinner, 22nd December 1908.
  • Page 194 – C E Sladden added a few words in response to the toast at the Old Breconians’ Annual Dinner.
  • Page 205 – A half holiday was granted during term-time in honour of A F Sladden’s 1st class honours in Physiology, Oxford.

We are grateful to Felicity Kilpatrick, former archivist at Christ College, Brecon, for providing a copy of this magazine.