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Seward Road, Badsey

Photos of Seward Road, Badsey, taken by Josie Dudfield, Alan Tutton and Carolyn Worth on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of VE Day, Friday 8th May 2020.  Mary Dore, who has organised many a Seward Road party in the past, raises a glass as a toast. 

Seward Road bunting (Photo: A Tutton)
Seward Road bunting (Photo: A Tutton)
Flag and bunting at 36 Seward Road (Photo: A Tutton)
Seward Road gathering (Photo: A Tutton)
Seward Road looking towards The Poplara (Photo: A Tutton)
Teatime in Seward Road (Photo: A Tutton)
Dave & Angie Taylor (Photo: A Tutton)
Dave & Angie Taylor, Sam & Jacquie Newman (Photo: A Tutton)
Sam & Jacquie Newman (Photo: A Tutton)
Alan & Shirley Tutton (Photo: J Dudfield)
Nina Ward & Mary Dore (Photo: A Tutton)
Penny Bailey & neighbour (Photo: J Dudfield)
Sheila Anderson & husband (Photo: J Dudfield)
Joanne Stowe & Gordon Hill (Photo: J Dudfield)
Joanne & Paul Stowe (Photo: J Dudfield)
Far end of Seward Road (Photo: C Worth)
Luke Briffett & Luke Wilson (Photo: C Worth)