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Silver Jubilee Procession

The Jubilee Queen was Veronica Dore and her attendants were Sarah and Becky Caswell.  They toured the village in a lorry loaned by Frank and Stan Goldstraw, driven by David Goldstraw and starting from the Goldstraw home, Chalcroft, Old Post Office Lane.

“Buster” Mustoe adjusts Veronica’s headdress.
“Buster” Mustoe adjusts Sarah’s headdress.
“Buster” Mustoe adjusts Becky’s headdress.
David, Liz, Tim & Jenny Goldstraw and Tim Knight with the Queen and attendants outside Chalcroft.
View of float on corner of Chapel Street and Brewers Lane.
Edith Cleaver outside Beryl Wheatley’s house, 1 Chapel Street.
Decorations outside 1 Chapel Street, Badsey.
Decorations outside Brewers Lane, Badsey.
Decorations outside Brewers Lane, Badsey.
Arthur Plant’s home at Hillside was the winner at Aldington for the best decorated house.