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1956 wedding – Dennis Knight & Mary Cresswell

Wedding of Dennis Knight and Mary Cresswell at the Church of St Mary & St Milburgh, Offenham, on 8th September 1957.

  • Left to right:  Ernest Knight (father of Dennis), Alice Knight (mother of Dennis), Bill Moore, Frances Young, Dennis Knight (groom), Mary Knight (bride), Cyril Cresswell (brother of Mary), Daphne Cleaver, Rhoda Cresswell (mother of Mary) and Norman Cresswell (father of Mary).

Dennis was born at Badsey in 1934, the only son of Ernest George Knight and his wife, Alice Elizabeth (née Brookes).  He comes from a long line of the Knight family who have lived in Badsey since the 18th century.  Mary was from Offenham.  They have lived all their married life in Badsey. 

We are grateful to Dennis and Mary Knight for allowing us to copy and publish this photo.