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1934 wedding – Arthur Carter & Violet Halford

On 4th August 1934 the marriage took place in the Church of St John the Baptist, Wickhamford, between Violet Phyllis Halford (1911-1990), of Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford, and Arthur Charles Carter (1908-1987) of Eckington.  The photograph was taken at the church and you will notice that there were no headstones in 1934 in the part of the churchyard where it was taken.

From left to right:- unknown, Alfred L Carter (groom's brother), Alfred Carter (groom's father), Arthur Carter (groom), Violet Phyllis Halford (bride), Allen Halford (bride's father), Leah Halford (bride's mother), Ethel Sutton (friend of the bride).  The small boy is James Halford, the bride's brother.

Acknowledgement: From the collection of the late Brenda Carter.

Arthur Carter and Violet Phyllis Halford outside of the porch of Wickhamford Church