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1977 wedding – Anthony Miller & Patsy Sladden

Wedding of Patricia Ann (Patsy) Sladden to Anthony John Miller at St James’ Church, Badsey, on 21st May 1977.  Whilst Sladdens had lived in Badsey since 1879, this was the first Sladden wedding to take place in the village, as the four sons of Julius Sladden (brother of Patsy’s great-grandfather, Dilnot) all married elsewhere and none of the four daughters married.

Anthony and Patsy are followed by Patsy’s parents, Pat (with beard) and Nancy (in little black hat), and Elspeth Sladden (wife of Patsy’s brother, Michael), with Anthony’s parents bringing up the rear.

Patsy was born in New Zealand, the younger of two children of Patrick Dilnot de la Cour Sladden and his wife, Nancy (née Trimnell).  As a teenager, Patsy came with her parents to live in England.  They then settled in Badsey when Patrick bought from his Sladden cousins at Seward House the barn and converted it into residential accommodation.  The wedding reception was held in the garden of The Barn, Seward Road.

Thirty years later, Anthony and Patsy’s daughter, Lucy, also married in St James’ Church.

We are grateful to Patsy Miller for providing us with a copy of this photograph.