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1953 wedding – Gordon Heritage & Jean Figgitt

Wedding of Gordon Arthur Heritage and Hilda Winifred Jean Figgitt (known as Jean) at the Church of St John the Baptist, Wickhamford on 18th July 1953.  

  • Left to right:  Billy Halford, Jean Halford (née Clark), Jean Spragg, Gordon Heritage (groom), Jean Figgitt (bride), Margaret Figgitt (bride’s sister), D Griffin (bride’s cousin), Stan Figgitt (bride’s father).
  • In front:  Maureen Lewis (groom’s niece), G Hodges (bride’s cousin).

Gordon Heritage (1929-1998) was the eldest son of Mr & Mrs Cyril Heritage of 49 Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford.  Jean Figgitt (1930-2015) was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Stanley Figgitt of 15 Pitchers Hill.

We are grateful to Peggy Hancock for providing a copy of this photo.