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Test Pit 8

Day 1 – Test Pit 8 gets underway with Mark and Gaynor working on the pit and Jane and Ivor sieving the soil and checking for finds, whilst Shirley (whose garden it is) and Maureen, photographer’s assistant, look on.  

Day 2 – It’s the afternoon of Day 2 and digging has ceased and final recording begun.  Gaynor checks the colouring of the different Spit levels whilst Jane records information in the Test Pit booklet.

Day 1 - Gaynor and Mark dig whilst Jane and Ivor sieve
Day 2 - Digging has finished and recording is about to commence
Day 2 - Father & daughter, Ivor & Gaynor, have enjoyed taking part
Day 2 - Gaynor checks the layers whilst Jane records