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Joseph Knight, the Cropthorne Slasher

Etched on to the dining room window of a house in Cropthorne, are the words:

Joseph Knight the Cropthorne Slasher 1841

By recourse to the internet, the owner of the house was able to identify Joseph Knight from details found on the Badsey website:  

“Joseph Knight (1789-1858), the eldest of eight children of John and Elizabeth Knight, was born at Aldington in 1789.  In about 1810, Joseph’s parents and siblings moved to the neighbouring village of Offenham.  It was in this year that Joseph married Rebecca Andrews at Wickhamford on 13th October 1810.  They then moved to Cropthorne.  By 1841, Joseph was a widower and living with his son, Francis, at Cropthorne.  He was still living with Francis in 1851, both working as a carpenter.  Joseph died in 1858 at Cropthorne."

With thanks to Ann Jordan for sending us a copy of this photograph.