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Demolished cottages

The picture shows a pair of cottages which have been demolished. They once stood on Manor Road on the site now occupied by Whytebury and Oakenshore. In the background is the side of Corner Cottage.

John Newbury, who occupies one of present houses, has found old foundations in his front garden which appears to confirm the location. At one time, he also found the date 1906 on a door frame of his house together with the name of the builders, Braziers.  The old cottages must have been pulled down by 1906.

A pencil and charcoal drawing of the old cottages, dated 24th December 1908, by J. Freeman. This appears to be a copy of the photograph, perhaps prepared as a Christmas gift for one of the Farman family, who lived in one of the cottages in 1901. By 1902 they had moved to the Fleece Yard at the bottom of Bridge Street, Evesham. A Joseph Freeman lived nearby in Cowl Street and he may be the artist. The drawing was kindly supplied by Sue Fellows, a grand-daughter of Florence Kate Farman, who lived in Wickhamford in 1901.