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Badsey Mummers about 1950

Brian Jennings who lent us this photograph writes:

"We performed the Mummers Play that Christmas at several places. I remember in particular the night of Christmas Eve when we 'mummed' (if that's the right word) in the spendid lounge room at Wickhamford Manor for the owners and their Christmas guests - and we were well entertained afterwards. The play was the traditional English Mummers Play with conflict, death and revival and all that symbolises. As far as I remember St. George killed the dragon, the Turkish Knight slew St. George and the Doctor with his potion brought them back to life again. The picture was taken in the Parish Room at the Old Vicarage which was all demolished years ago. Looking at the picture I can remember some of the mummers. Not the man in the dragon head. The Doctor I think was Ralph Taylor, Derek Barrand was St. George, I can't remember the Jester, Austin Jones (market gardener of Badsey Fields Lane) was the Moroccan Prince, John Major (not sure if his name was John but he was a maths teacher at Prince Henrys Grammar School in Evesham and also lived in Badsey Fields Lane) was Father Christmas and I was the Turkish Knight."

This entry appeared in the Parish Magazines for February 1952: "The Badsey Mummers - The Mummers had another very successful tour. As a result of collections at the various performances they have been able to purchase a new St George's Flag for the Church and to grant a sum of £9 7s 6d to the Sunday School Fund. The cast consisted of Messrs A L Byrd, J Major, R Taylor, G B Jennings, D Barrand (whom we were glad to have with us on leave from Germany), B F P Blake and R Salter. Mr Austen Jones kindly helped with transport."