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Badsey Rangers FC 1920 - 1921 season

Until 1920, Badsey Rangers played on a farm field in Aldington, but that year they moved to the Recreation Ground at Sands Lane. The 1920 - 1921 season was the most successful in the club's history, as can be seem from the number of trophies in this picture.

At the back of the picture is Sir Julius Sladden and the picture was taken in the garden of his home Seward House on Badsey High Street.

Back row, left to right: Sid Glazzard, George Knight, Arthur Hall, Harry Marshall, W Brighton, W Jelfs (nicknamed Bleinham), Jerry Sadler, Cecil Keen, William Hardiman.

Front row, seated: Spoff Wilkes, Ernest Payne, Norman Holliday, Arthur Hall (known as 'Worcester'), William Hall, W Jelfs (Bandy), H Benbow, Tich Price.

The picture was kindly lent by Robert Hall who points out that Arthur Hall in the back row and William Hall in the front row were brothers. The other Arthur Hall was unrelated and was one of several players who came from Worcester, strengthening the Badsey side.

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