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Wedding of Louisa Moisey

Julia Louisa Moisey married Jack Perkins at Badsey in 1932. The house may be Bredon View on Willersey Road where the Moiseys lived

In the photo you can see George Moisey, sitting down and possibly one of Louisa’s sisters, Ethel Moisey. The man at the back is one of Jack’s brothers and the children all from the Perkins family (another Badsey family).

Louisa was born in 1908 and died in 1988 and had four children, Hazel, Ann, David and Jenny. She was one of nine siblings: Rosa 1895 - 1967, Maud 1897 - 1982, William 1899 - 1973, Frances 1901 - c.1980, Clara 1903 - 1905, Julia Louisa 1908 - 1988, Ethel 1911 - 1965, Edith 1913 - 1998, Margaret 1915 - 2012.

This picture was kindly lent to us by Alex Withnall, daughter of Margaret Moisey.