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Iran – Tehran Memorial

The Tehran Memorial commemorates casualties of the United Kingdom, Indian and New Zealand Forces who lost their lives during the campaign in Iran (formerly known as Persia), and in neighbouring lands, and who have no known grave.  Private John Cull of Badsey, who died on 25th October 1918, is remembered on the Tehran Memorial (Panel 5, Column 1).  Private Cull died of influenza at Bijar in the province of Kurdistan.  His body was presumably buried there but it was decided to mark his death on the Tehran Memorial.

The Memorial is located in Tehran War Cemetery which is within the locked British Embassy residential compound in Tehran.

The Memorial comprises six free-standing memorial walls, three on each side of the central avenue leading to the Cross of Sacrifice.  Between the two groups of memorial walls is a central feature bearing the inscription:

1914-1918 – 1939-1945

In this cemetery are the graves of 563 Commonwealth sailors, soldiers and airmen and one nursing sister who gave their lives in Iran during the two world wars.

The names of 3,590 of their comrades who died in Iran and in neighbouring lands during the war of 1914-1918 and who have no known grave are inscribed on these monuments.