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Hampshire – Lymington

Second Lieutenant Roger Gillespie Drysdale, who died on 15th April 1915, is buried in Lymington Cemetery, Hampshire (plot 2466). 

Lymington Cemetery contains nine graves from the First World War and ten graves from the Second World War.  Second Lieutenant Drysdale was the first World War I soldier to be buried in the cemetery.

A private gravestone was provided at the time of Roger Drysdale’s burial, so his burial place is not marked by the standard Commonwealth War Grave.  Possibly because he took his own life, his rank and regiment was not recorded on the memorial.  His names does appear, however, on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, with details of the grave registration and headstone.

Grave of Roger Drysdale, Lymington Cemetery

Grave of Roger Drysdale, Lymington Cemetery
The grave of Roger Drysdale in Lymington Cemetery, Hampshire:  "In loving memory of Roger Gillespie Drysdale, born March 1st 1888, died April 15th 1915.  Then are they glad because they are at rest.