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31st May 1897 - Sale of Claybrook, Badsey

The Worcestershire Record Office holds the papers including a map of the lots (reference 705:273 parcel 28). We gratefully acknowledge their help.

Details noted include -

Proprietor, A. H. Savory Esq, Aldington Manor.

Lots 1 to 5 - Netherfield. Land bounded on the south by the Evesham to Bretforton road and on the north by the brook.

"...part of the Claybrook land is planted with hops, for which it is very suitable, and the whole of it is eminently adapted for Fruit Growing and Market Gardening, especially for the growing of Asparagus..."

Claybrook lots including land, farm house, buildings. Claybrook Ground, Jones' Ground. Colletts Great, Little Closes.

"...numerous Apples of the large early sorts, such as Lord Suffield, Warner's King, Echlinville Seedling, Worcester Pearmain, etc and a large number of Pershore and Damascene Plums...".

Netherfield, Netherfield Orchard. "The apple trees comprise Blenheims, Normantons, Nine Squares, Princes Pippins and many other valuable sorts."

Lots 6 - 9. All south of the Bretforton Road and east of the village.

Maybush Close, Big Ground, Badsey Field, Lower Piece, Salter Street.

Landowners named on map include: William Smith, James Ashwin, Thomas Byrd, William Byrd, Henry Byrd, W Baldwyn, George Geden.

Part of the map is shown below.