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1905-1917 Midwife's Register

These records from the midwife’s register for the years 1905-1917, kept by Eliza Stanley of Badsey and Bretforton, were transcribed by Trevor Hockenhull, with extra information by Maureen Spinks. If you click on the index link you will be taken to an alphabetical index which may contain other entries for the same family. Where Eliza did not give the mother’s forename, or just included the husband’s initial, the actual forename has been added if known. The name of the child born was not included in the register, but this information has been gleaned from other sources (baptism records, civil registration indexes and the 1911 census). It is believed that Eliza often wrote up the register some time after the event and sometimes recorded the wrong information, eg on seven occasions she gave the wrong sex of the child; in instances such as this, the entry as Eliza wrote it has been recorded, but the correct information added in brackets.

Number in Register Mother's Name Address Date of Midwife's Arrival
1 Mrs Alice SLADE Bretforton May 14th 1905 View record
2 Mrs Ellen Ann STANLEY Badsey June 4th 1905 View record
3 Mrs Edith Alice STANLEY Not given [known to be Bretforton] June 10th 1905 View record
4 Mrs Annie ARCHER Not given [known to be Bretforton] June 17th 1905 View record
5 Mrs Jane LEE Shinehill, Littleton June 24th 1905 View record
6 Mrs Caroline JELFS Not given [known to be Bretforton] June 30th 1905 View record
7 Mrs Mary PHIPPS Bretforton July 6th 1905 View record
8 Mrs Bertha CALDICOTT Bretforton August 2nd 1905 View record
9 Mrs Annie ABSALEM Bretforton September 28th 1905 View record
10 Mrs Rose ARCHER Bretforton September 24th 1905 View record
11 Mrs Annie CALDICOTT Bretforton August 10th 1905 View record
12 Mrs Francis (Frances) JONES Bretforton August 18th 1905 View record
13 Mrs Clara DOWDESWELL Bretforton October 12th 1905 View record
14 Mrs Mary HALL Bretforton September 22nd 1905 View record
15 Mrs Sarah JELFS Bretforton September 21st 1905 View record
16 Mrs Kate GRIFFIN Bretforton December 11th 1905 View record
17 Mrs Mary SEARS Badsey January 10th 1906 View record
18 Mrs Kate SOLLIS Bretforton November 6th 1906 View record
19 Mrs Harriet SHEPPARD Bretforton April 9th 1906 View record
20 Mrs Annie KNIGHT Bretforton April 9th 1906 View record
21 Mrs Fanny HAYES Bretforton January 18th 1906 View record
22 Mrs Elizabeth PARKER Honeybourne February 4th 1906 View record
23 Mrs Rose REEVES Bretforton April 5th 1906 View record
24 Mrs Harriet HEATH Larkborough, Bretforton May 17th 1906 View record
25 Mrs Annie STANLEY Bretforton June 9th 1906 View record
26 Mrs Ada GROVES Bretforton June 19th 1906 View record
27 Mrs Kate KNIGHT Bretforton June 23rd 1906 View record
28 Mrs Mary TOMPKINS Bretforton August 20th 1906 View record
29 Mrs Gertrude Alice ROUSE Bretforton July 30th 1906 View record
30 Mrs Alice SLADE Bretforton August 21st 1906 View record
31 Mrs George (Sarah) STANLEY Bretforton August 21st 1906 View record
32 Mrs Sarah Ann HALFORD Bretforton September 12th 1906 View record
33 Mrs Sarah PORTER Bretforton November 14th 1906 View record
34 Mrs Ellen TOMPKINS Bretforton November 20th 1906 View record
35 Mrs Alice STANLEY Bretforton December 13th 1906 View record
36 Mrs Fanny GILL Bretforton December 24th 1906 View record
37 Mrs Annie JELFS Bretforton January 19th 1907 View record
38 Mrs Caroline CLARKE Bretforton January 31st 1907 View record
39 Mrs Annie HERBERT Bretforton March 16th 1907 View record
40 Mrs Hannah ARCHER Bretforton May 18th 1907 View record
41 Mrs Nellie HALFORD Bretforton June 14th 1907 View record
42 Mrs Mary WATTON Bretforton July 1st 1907 View record
43 Mrs Alice HALL Bretforton July 6th 1907 View record
44 Mrs Rose ARCHER Bretforton July 29th 1907 View record
45 Mrs Harriet HEATH Larkborough, Bretforton August 6th 1907 View record
46 Mrs Sarah ARCHER Bretforton August 8th 1907 View record
47 Mrs Amy HALFORD Bretforton August 24th 1907 View record
48 Mrs Minnie BELL Bretforton September 7th 1907 View record
49 Mrs Ellen STANLEY Badsey October 17th 1907 View record
50 Mrs Fanny MUSTOE Badsey December 3rd 1907 View record
51 Mrs Gertrude Alice ROUSE Bretforton December 1st 1907 View record
52 Mrs Emma PERKINS Bretforton November 19th 1907 View record
53 Mrs Nancy CARTER Bretforton December 24th 1907 View record
54 Mrs Nellie PITTS Bretforton January 27th 1908 View record
55 Mrs Sarah PORTER Bretforton February 11th 1908 View record
56 Mrs Hilda PERKINS Bretforton February 20th 1908 View record
57 Mrs Beatrice SEARS Badsey March 5th 1908 View record
58 Mrs Sarah Ann HALFORD Bretforton May 13th 1908 View record
59 Mrs Alice STANLEY Bretforton May 15th 1908 View record
60 Mrs Ada GROVES Bretforton May 26th 1908 View record
61 Mrs Not given (Sarah Fanny) HEMMING Bretforton May 26th 1908 View record
62 Mrs Jennie HARWOOD Badsey June 24th 1908 View record
63 Mrs Annie HARRIS Bretforton June 28th 1908 View record
64 Mrs (Georgina) ULSON (should be OLSSON) Badsey June 28th 1908 View record
65 Mrs Rosa HALL Badsey June 30th 1908 View record
66 Mrs Clara DOWDESWELL Bretforton June 17th 1908 View record
67 Mrs Not given (Mary Ann) EMMS Bretforton July 18th 1908 View record
68 Mrs Mary SEARS Badsey September 23rd 1908 View record
69 Mrs Mabel HALL Bretforton October 6th 1908 View record
70 Mrs Amy HALFORD Not given [known to be Bretforton] October 8th 1908 View record
71 Mrs Not given (Jane) CLEAVER Bretforton December 19th 1908 View record
72 Mrs Annie KNIGHT Bretforton January 16th 1909 View record
73 Mrs Sarah ARCHER Bretforton February 12th 1909 View record
74 Mrs Annie HERBERT Bretforton March 25th 1909 View record
75 Mrs Kate BOULTON Badsey February 5th 1909 View record