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National Farm Survey - no. 43, Aldington

Messrs ROSS Brothers
Kings Road, Evesham
Size of Farm
5 acres and over

Census Form C47

C47 returned?
Acreage of Crops and Grass
Q24 - Orchards, with small fruit below the trees2½ acres
Q33 - TOTAL OF ABOVE ITEMS, 1-32 (Total acreage of excluding Rough Grazings)2½ acres

Census Form C51

C51 returned?
Acreage of small fruit
Q81 - Strawberries5 acres
Q86 - Loganberries and Cultivated Blackberries61½ acres
Q87 - TOTAL ACREAGE66½ acres
Acreage of vegetables for human consumption, flowers, crops under glass
Q88 - Brussels Sprouts12 acres
Q89 - Cabbage, Savoys, Kate and Sprouting Broccoli12 acres
Q91 - Carrots4 acres
Q92 - Parsnips4 acres
Q94 - Beetroot7 acres
Q95 - Onions3 acres
Q97 - Beans, Runner and French5 acres
Q98 - Peas, Green, for Market3 acres
Q101 - Asparagus5 acres
Q115 - TOTAL55 acres

Census Form SF

SF returned?
Labour on 4th June
Q129 - Workers, Whole Time Family, Male20
Q130 - Workers, Whole Time Family, Female3
Q132 - Workers, Casual, Female8
Motive power on holding on 4th June
Q137 - Oil or Petrol Engines, Number and Horse Power6 (25,12,10,4, 3, ⅞ Horse Power)
Q138 - Electric Motors, Number and Horse Power1 (4 Horse Power)
Q140 - Wheel Tractors for field work, Number, Make and Horse Power2 - Fordson (20 Horse Power), Morris (25 Horse Power)
Q143 - Actual rent payable during current year£18 (Aldington); £204 8s 8d (Evesham and Aldington), £105 (Norton & Lenchwick) & £125 (Cropthorne)
Length of occupation of holding
Q147 - How many years have you been the occupier of the holding?24 years (2½ acres in Aldington)
Q148a - If occupied parts of holding for different periods, Part 1, acres and length of occupation48 acres - 32 years
Q148b - If occupied parts of holding for different periods, Part 2, acres and length of occupation25 acres - 35 years
Q148c - If occupied parts of holding for different periods, Part 3, acres and length of occupation83 acres - 35 years


B496 returned?