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National Farm Survey - no. 68, Aldington

79 Windsor Road, Evesham
Size of Farm
5 acres and over

Census Form C47

C47 returned?
Acreage of Crops and Grass
Q24 - Orchards, with small fruit below the trees4 acres
Q25 - Small Fruit, not under orchard trees1 acre
Q27 - All Other Crops not specified elsewhere on this return or grown on patches of less than ¼ acre1 acre
Q33 - TOTAL OF ABOVE ITEMS, 1-32 (Total acreage of excluding Rough Grazings)6 acres
Labour employed on 4th June
Q35 - Wholetime regular workers, Males 21 and over1
Q41 - Casual (seasonal or part-time) workers, Women and girls2
Q73 - Poultry, Fowls over 6 months old400
Q74 - Poultry, Fowls under 6 months old400

Census Form C51

C51 returned?
Acreage of small fruit
Q81 - Strawberries1 acre
Q83 - Currants, black1 acre
Q84 - Currants, red and white1 acre
Q86 - Loganberries and Cultivated Blackberries2 acres
Q87 - TOTAL ACREAGE5 acres
Acreage of vegetables for human consumption, flowers, crops under glass
Q89 - Cabbage, Savoys, Kate and Sprouting Broccoli¼ acre
Q97 - Beans, Runner and French½ acre
Q98 - Peas, Green, for Market¼ acre
Q115 - TOTAL1 acre

Census Form SF

SF returned?
Labour on 4th June
Q129 - Workers, Whole Time Family, Male1
Q132 - Workers, Casual, Female2
Motive power on holding on 4th June
Q140 - Wheel Tractors for field work, Number, Make and Horse Power1 - Auto Culto (2½ Horse Power)
Q143 - Actual rent payable during current year£40
Length of occupation of holding
Q147 - How many years have you been the occupier of the holding?30 years


B496 returned?
QA1 - Is occupier tenant or owner?Owner
QA3 - Is farmer full-time, part-time, spare time, hobby, other type, and other occupation, if anyFull time
QA4 - Does farmer occupy other land? If so, name of holding, parish and countyNo
QA5 - Has farmer grazing rights over land not occupied by him? If so, nature of such rightsNo
Conditions of Farm
QB1 - Percentage of area on which soil is heavy/medium/light/peaty25% heavy; 75% medium
QB2 - Is farm conveniently laid out?Moderately
QB3 - Percentage of farm which is naturally good/fair/bad100% good
QB4 - Situation in regard to roadGood
QB5 - Situation in regard to railwayGood
QB6 - Condition of farmhouse and buildingsFarmhouse - not applicable; Buildings - good
QB7 - Condition of farm roadsGood
QB8 - Condition of fencesGood
QB9 - Condition of ditchesGood
QB10 - General condition of field drainageGood
QB11 - Condition of cottagesNot applicable
QB14 - Is there infestation with rabbits and moles, rats and mice, rooks and wood pigeons, other birds, insect pests?No infestation
QB15 - Is there heavy infestation with weeds? If so, kind of weeds?No
QB16 - Are there derelict fields? If so, acreageNo
Water and Electricity
QC2 - Water supply to farm buildingsWell & Roof
QC3 - Water supply to fieldsStream
QC4 - Is there a seasonal shortage of water?No
QC5 - Electricity supply - public light, public power, private light, private powerNo electricity supply
QD1 - Is farm classified as A, B or C?A
QD3 - Condition of arable landGood
QD4 - Condition of pastureNot applicable
QD5 - Use of fertilisers on arable/grass landArable land - adequate
Field information recorded by
R W Sidwell - 8 Nov 1943
Primary record completed by
P BrIce - 14 Dec 1943