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National Farm Survey - no. 77, Wickhamford

Messrs T J MOISEY & Son
7 Pitchers Hill, Whitfurrows?, Wickhamford
Size of Farm
5 acres and over

Census Form C47

C47 returned?
Acreage of Crops and Grass
Q3 - Oats2½ acres
Q10 - Potatoes, main crop and second earlies¼ acre
Q11 - Turnips and Swedes, for fodder¼ acre
Q26 - Vegetables for human consumption (excluding Potatoes), Flowers and Crops under Glass12¾ acres
Q28 - Bare Fallow½ acre
Q32 - Permanent Grass for Grazing (not for Mowing this season) but excluding rough grazings20 acres
Q33 - TOTAL OF ABOVE ITEMS, 1-32 (Total acreage of excluding Rough Grazings)36¾ acres
Q34 - Rough Grazings (Mountain, Heath, Moor or Down Land, or other rough land used for grazing on which the occupier has the sole grazing rights)17 acres
Labour employed on 4th June
Q39 - Casual (seasonal or part-time) workers, Males 21 and over1
Q82 - Used for agricultural purposes (including mares kept for breeding) or by Market Gardeners, Geldings1
Q84 - Unbroken Horses 1 year old and above, Geldings1
Q50 - Other Cattle, 1 year old and under 2 Male3
Q51 - Other Cattle, 1 year old and under 2 Female8
Q70 - All other Pigs, 2-5 months6

Census Form C51

C51 returned?
Acreage of vegetables for human consumption, flowers, crops under glass
Q88 - Brussels Sprouts3 acres
Q90 - Cauliflower or Broccoli (Heading)½ acre
Q91 - Carrots½ acre
Q92 - Parsnips½ acre
Q94 - Beetroot½ acre
Q95 - Onions2½ acres
Q97 - Beans, Runner and French1 acre
Q98 - Peas, Green, for Market1½ acres
Q101 - Asparagus2½ acres
Q105 - Tomatoes, growing in the open¼ acre
Q115 - TOTAL12¾ acres

Census Form SF

SF returned?
Labour on 4th June
Q131 - Workers, Casual, Male1
Q143 - Actual rent payable during current year£63 18s 0d
Length of occupation of holding
Q148a - If occupied parts of holding for different periods, Part 1, acres and length of occupation8 acres - 30 years
Q148b - If occupied parts of holding for different periods, Part 2, acres and length of occupation40 acres - 15 years
Q148c - If occupied parts of holding for different periods, Part 3, acres and length of occupation3¼ acres - new


B496 returned?
QA1 - Is occupier tenant or owner?Tenant
QA2b - If tenant, surname of ownerLORD & PARKER (estate)
QA4 - Does farmer occupy other land? If so, name of holding, parish and countyNo
QA5 - Has farmer grazing rights over land not occupied by him? If so, nature of such rightsNo
Conditions of Farm
QB1 - Percentage of area on which soil is heavy/medium/light/peaty100% heavy
QB2 - Is farm conveniently laid out?moderately
QB3 - Percentage of farm which is naturally good/fair/bad33.3% good; 33.3% fair; 33.3% bad
QB4 - Situation in regard to roadGood
QB5 - Situation in regard to railwayFair
QB6 - Condition of farmhouse and buildingsFarmhouse - not applicable; Buildings - fair
QB7 - Condition of farm roadsFair
QB8 - Condition of fencesFair
QB9 - Condition of ditchesFair
QB10 - General condition of field drainageFair
QB14 - Is there infestation with rabbits and moles, rats and mice, rooks and wood pigeons, other birds, insect pests?No infestation
QB15 - Is there heavy infestation with weeds? If so, kind of weeds?No
QB16 - Are there derelict fields? If so, acreageYes - 15 acres
Water and Electricity
QC2 - Water supply to farm buildingsRoof
QC3 - Water supply to fieldsStream
QC4 - Is there a seasonal shortage of water?No
QC5 - Electricity supply - public light, public power, private light, private powerNo electricity supply
QD1 - Is farm classified as A, B or C?A
QD3 - Condition of arable landGood
QD4 - Condition of pastureFair
QD5 - Use of fertilisers on arable/grass landArable land - adequate; Pasture land - to some extent
Field information recorded by
R W Sidwell - 2 Jan 1943
Primary record completed by
P Brice - 12 Jan 1943