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Wednesday 16 November 1863 - Hannah Hall, aged 83, accidentally burnt to death

Category Wickhamford
The Worcestershire Chronicle
Transcription of article


DEATH BY BURNING AT WICKHAMFORD – Hannah Hall, aged 83, and nearly double, living with her husband near the bottom of the village, accidentally met with her death by fire on Thursday afternoon last. She had, it appears, been making dumplings for her good-man’s supper (a day labourer and thrifty, having succeeded in keeping himself and his wife from being chargeable to the parish, although her senior), and in putting them in the pot her dress took fire, and when she was found by a woman who, passing the cottage, saw smoke issuing from the crevices of the door, the whole of her apparel, save her stays and stockings, were consumed, and hole burnt in some parts of her body. She lived an hour afterwards, and then died. An inquest was held, and a verdict of “Accidental death by fire” given.