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Saturday 12 December 1868 - Stag Hunt in Worcestershire

Category Wickhamford
The Birmingham Daily Post
Transcription of article

[The Surrey Staghounds were brought to the area by the Duke of Aumale of Woodnorton and an illustrious company met and ate luncheon at the Northwick Arms, Evesham.]

The excitement grew apace until the arrival of the stag-box containing the stag, and then it knew no bounds. A few minutes having elapsed, the box was driven out of the yard towards the bridge, and then along the Wickhamford Road, where the crush was tremendous, fresh followers joining at every step. The stag was uncarted at Wickhamford, and in about five minutes afterwards the pack came up. The “unantlered monarch” careered over the country at a good pace, and was soon temporarily lost to sight. The scent was quickly taken up, and then away they went in full cry. The “field” was most numerous and brilliant. The horsemen must have numbered upwards of 500, and many ladies graced the chase.

[The report continues, describing the chase to Willersey village, Broadway, Blockley and Aston Magna, lasting two and a half hours. When the finish came ‘the stag had the best of it, and was not found until sometime afterwards.’ The Royal party returned to Woodnorton. Several accidents occurred one gentleman from London badly fractured one of his knees.]