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Tuesday 31 January 1933 - James and George Moisey accused of assaulting Joseph Henry Plant

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The Gloucestershire Echo
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It was alleged at Evesham County Petty Sessions yesterday that a Wickhamford father offered his son five shillings to knock a man down.

The case was one in which James Moisey and George Moisey, of Wickhamford, were summoned by Joseph Henry Plant, a next-door neighbour, for assault at Wickhamford on January 26.

Plant was cross-summonsed by Theodore G.H. Moisey and James Moisey for a similar offence at the same time and place; and also by James Moisey for uttering threats at Wickhamford on January 21.

Father and son were each fined 10s. and ordered to pay £1 11s. witness’s expenses. The cross-summonses for assault were dismissed.

Plant stated that he was working on his land when he heard one of the Moiseys shout, “Plant, Plant, come down here and we’ll smash your face in.” He went down to the main road and Moisey, senior, offered his son 5s. to knock him down.

There was a scuffle, during which the younger Moisey gave him a black eye. Moisey was dragged away, and when he regained his feet Moisey, senior, struck him in the mouth and loosened one of his teeth.

Plant said he did nothing to irritate the Moiseys.

James and George Moisey alleged that Plant challenged George to a fight, and George accepted the challenge. The fight took place on the Evesham-Broadway road, and Plant struck the first blow. Moisey, senior, said he struck Plant after the latter had struck him.

[The evidence was conflicting, but witness William Figgett said that James Moisey pulled some money from his pocket and said “Here you are. Here’s five shillings for the winner.” James Moisey also alleged that Plant had insulted his wife and struck her with a bicycle pump.]