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Monday 2 July 1934 - James Dolphin accused of obstructing a stall on the Evesham-Broadway road

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The Gloucestershire Echo
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Alleged Obstruction By A Stall At Evesham

A summons for alleged obstruction by a stall on the Evesham-Broadway-road was dismissed by Evesham magistrates today when James Dolphine, of the Bungalow, Pitchers Hill, Wickhamford, was summonsed for obstruction on June 9.

He was represented by Mr. K. Gill Smith and pleaded not guilty.

P.C. Harris said the stall hampered the view of motorists going towards Evesham.

A car pulled up by the stall and caused a serious obstruction. When told that the obstruction would be reported the defendant said, “Right-ho, carry on.”

In evidence, Dolphin said that the stall was about 15ft. 6in. from the roadway, and he had moved it back last year following a complaint by P.C. Haines.

Barbara Dolphin, the defendant’s daughter, and William Field, of Wickhamford, also gave evidence for the defence, and the case was dismissed on payment of costs.


The correct surname is ‘Dolphin”.