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Saturday 7 November 1914 – Expiry of tenancies of Badsey Recreation Ground

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


The tenancies of the Badsey Recreation Ground expired at Michaelmas, and the site has now passed into the hands of its trustees. It was the intention of the committee to fence in, lay out, and sow down with grass during the ensuing months the 31/2 acres now acquired, but owing to the outbreak of war, following upon a bad season for market gardeners, it was felt that there might be a difficulty in collecting the remainder of the money required during this period of national strain. Acting cautiously under the circumstances the committee have decided to re-let the land till Michaelmas 1915, when there is every reason to believe they will be able to carry out their plan now so unexpectedly postponed. The committee feel that they are well able to congratulate themselves, the subscribers, and the parish generally upon the remarkable success which has attended their efforts since the scheme was launched two years ago. During that period no less than £431 has been collected and paid in to the credit of the fund, while £454 has been expended in the purchase of the land, compensation to the tenants, and other expenses, leaving an adverse bank balance of £33. This however, is more than covered by outstanding amounts and by subscriptions which do not fall due till next year. With such a satisfactory position already attained, there should be little difficulty in raising the remainder of the money required to complete this excellent scheme, and provide Badsey with its long desired recreation ground.