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Saturday 9 January 1915 – Sunday School Prizes, St James Church, Badsey

Category World War I: The Home Front
Transcription of article


SUNDAY SCHOOL – The annual prizes have been awarded as follows: - Boys: Class I., C. March, F. Dore; Class II, J. Jelfs, P. Crisp. Girls: Class I., F. Jones, D. Crisp; Class II., S. Crisp, D. Jelfs. Infants: W. Harwood, C. Sears, G. Warmington, G. Knight, C. Crisp, L. Keen, M. Kelland, and A. Agg. Vicar’s prizes have been awarded to F. Dore, C. Sparrow, W. Sparrow, E. Jelfs, N. Crisp, I. Dore, P. Crisp, A. Warmington, D. Jelfs, and B. Dore.