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Saturday 30 October 1915 – Badsey “Our Day” activities

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


In this village “Our Day” was taken up with characteristic vigour, and the hearty response given resulted in adding no less than £35 to the Red Cross fund for the British wounded. In addition to the street and house collections, which brought in £8 15s 8d., there was held on a previous evening at the Wheatsheaf Inn a smoking concert which yielded over £2. Following that, a most excellent entertainment was provided at the Council schools, a packed and packed and enthusiastic audience assembling, and no less than £9 11s was realised. Mrs. Amos, Miss Mcdonald, and the rest of the staff are to be especially congratulated on this great success, and especially in the excellent class singing, provided by the children. The programmes for the concert were daintily hand-painted by the children, and readily sold at 6d. each.

On the afternoon of “Our Day” a cake competition and produce sale was held in the Old School. Mrs. Baker and others were responsible for the cake competition, which was kindly judged by Mrs. Henry Burlingham. The cakes realised £2 10s. 1d. the produce stall was organised by Mrs. Arthur Sears and Miss Kelland, and their energy was well rewarded by the handsome sum of £11 12s. 3d. being added to the fund. Five pots of cooking apples, left over from the sale of goods, were despatched to several markets, where they were sold at the following prices: One pot at Nottingham, 7s. 3d.; one pot Evesham Central, 7s. 6d.; one pot Evesham Smithfield, 3s. 3d.; and (a record) two pots to Mr. Henry Simpkin, Smithfield Market, Birmingham, £2 10s.