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Saturday 30 September 1916 – D J Harris sends pot of marrows to Smithfield Market, Birmingham

Category World War I: The Home Front
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


One day last week Mr. D. J. Harris, of 9, Belmont Terrace, Badsey, sent some pots of marrows to Mr. O. Haines, of Smithfield Market, Birmingham. On the top of one of the hampers he put a marrow on which he had written:

“It is the wish of Mr. D. J. Harris, of 9, Belmont Terrace, Badsey, that whoever purchases this marrow will put it up for sale again, and give the proceeds to the nearest local Red Cross Hospital for the benefit of the wounded soldiers lying therein.”

The marrow was eventually bought by Mr. A. Bennett, a salesman, of Handsworth; and he, determined that it should accomplish its mission, exhibited it to his friends and customers with the result that he collected the sum of £2 5s. 6d. Knowing how very low the funds were at the Birmingham Eye Hospital he took the proceeds, with the marrow, to the Commandant there, and the soldiers were enabled to have an enjoyable outing to a fete nearby. The marrow was taken to the fete and again sold, realising a sum large enough to provide the soldiers with a nice tea and entertainment, which they thoroughly enjoyed, and to which they invited Mr. & Mrs. Bennett.