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Saturday 5 May 1917 - Worcestershire Food Production Executive meeting

Category World War I: Prisoners of War in Evesham
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


At a meeting of the Worcestershire Food Production Executive on Wednesday, Mr E V V Wheeler presiding, Mr Lander referred to the question of German prisoners at Evesham. He said up to the present an expenditure of about £50 had been incurred in preparation for the prisoners, and in buying tools. He added that in preference to the provision of a further thirty German prisoners that the tenant of the cottage which they had in view for accomodating them did not want to go out. At first he was willing to accept 30s, but now he wanted more. One member said he understood that the man did not want to go out: he wanted to be turned out so that he could pose as a martyr. (Laughter.)

Mr Parkes: Turn him out, then. (Laughter.)

It was resolved to write to the Board of Agriculture and state the facts, and ask for power to commandeer the premises, or to sanction the payment of a sum of money to get the man out.