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Saturday 4 August 1917 - 92 German prisoners arrive at Evesham

Category World War I: Prisoners of War in Evesham
The Evesham Journal
Transcription of article


On  Tuesday afternoon 92 additional German prisoners arrived at Evesham for work on the land in the neighbourhood. They came by special train from Dorchester, and were taken to Peopleton. There are now 200 prisoners at Evesham, and they are encamped under canvas in the old Brickyard at Bengeworth. “Those who have had experience of the first contingent speak in praise of their adaptability and steadiness with which they work. If the newcomers are as good as their predecessors they will prove very useful. There is a suggestion that the prisoners should be put on piece work while plum picking, but this matter has still to be arranged. The prisoners at Peopleton are accommodated in Bow Brook House, placed at the disposal of the local committee by Lady Norton, which has been altered under the superintendance of Mr John Knox, of Evesham, who also carried out the necessary sanitary work at the Brickyard. We understand that additional prisoners have recently arrived ar Toddington, where something like a hundred are now at work.