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Saturday 25 May 1918 - More prisoners of war to be made available for agriculture

Category World War I: Prisoners of War in Evesham
The Evesham Journal
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The Board of Agriculture announce that an agreement has been made with the Ministry of National Service and the War Office for a definite number of 30,000 Grade 1 men to be made available from agriculture for military service not later than 30th June. It is hoped that the large majority of these men will be recruited under the Proclamation of 19th April, 1918, calling up men born in the years 1895-1899, but if the full number of men is not obtained under this Proclamation it will be necessary to obtain the remainder from men up to 31 years of age. It is expected that additional labour, including a large number of prisoners of war, will be made available for agriculture, to take the place of the men required for immediate military service.